Under the vision of the company's founders of becoming an influential company in the field of waste management, it was clear that the key to success globally is the successful of R&D

that would provide a real solution and will prove the technological strength over time. Subject to this approach, it took the company ten years to reach full stabilization in the treatment of MIXED MSW. Only in recent years the company begun to market the technology worldwide through their exclusive concessionaire (ARROW GREEN ECOLOGY INTERNATIONAL)

List of projects under operation and/or construction:

  • 2003 – First operation of a 100 tpd plant in Tel Aviv, Israel
  • 2014 – A 500 tpd private contract signed in YEKATERINBURG, RUSSIA. Commencement date is predicted to 2017
  • 2015 – Upgrade TEL-AVIV plant to 50 ton per hour with sorting capability of over 1000tpd and AD capability of 200-300 organic fractions. March 2016 – end of upgrade and full operation.
  • 2015 – AA 1500 tpd contract signed in OYIBII- ATENDA, GREATER ACCRA, GHANA- commencement date – December 2018
  • 2016 – A 500 tpd contract is signed in ENTRE RIOS, BRAZIL, and commencement date 2018
  • 2016 – A 1000 tpd contract is at the end of signing process in the city of BOGOTA, COLOMBIA, commencement date: 2019
  • 2016 – A 1000 tpd contract is at the end of signing process in the city of CARTAGENA, COLOMBIA, commencement date: 2019