Arrow Ecology & Engineering Overseas (1999) Ltd established in 1999 in Israel (as a joint team effort comprised of experts in the treatment of industrial liquid waste and a group of business specialists, with a goal of delivering a creative and effective process for separating and recycling mixed municipal solid waste in an ecological and "green" way.

The Company was born during the height of a high tech wave that swept the world and Israel. The innovative process was consummated into a Registered Patent. In 2003, the Company built and operates to this day, a full scale plant at the main collection facility for municipal waste of the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Cities. Since its inception the facility has been operating successfully, initially handling the processing of 10 tons and via a series of new configurations has steadily grown to reach its present record level of processing 400 tons per shift I a newly refurbished facility. The processing capacity increased 40 times during this period while the foot print of the plant has remained the same. The plant has been designed to separate and recycle up to 90% of its intake.

The Company is owned mainly by three internationally experienced parties, comprising: The Atzmon Family Trust: operator and investor of diversified operations ranging from Seaports, High Tech, Aviation Security and others, represented by European Transportation Holding a BVI Company.

Aurec Capital Ltd : The investment arm of Shmuel Meitar family, successful operator and investor of diversified businesses ranging from Amdocs, Golden Pages, Insurance, Media, Real Estate and others. Represented by Yezuka Ltd., an Israeli Company.

CBG, Consensus Business Group: A British Company operating internationally in real estate and financing markets. Represented by Oriella Ltd.

The Board of Directors is Chaired by Mr. Menachem Atzmon who is also the CEO of the Company, together with Mr. Ron Meitar, Mr. Gil Atzmon as director and Mr. Y. Mualem as a representative in Oriella Ltd.

The knowledge gained over a period of more than 12 years has allowed Arrow Ecology to become a full EPC contractor for its projects in addition to it proven ability to operate and manage such projects.

The Company is active in the international market and is operating through Arrow Green Ecology International Ltd, a Cyprus based Company and Arrow Green Ecology International Ltd, a UK based Company,


The growing quantities of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) is one of the major ecological problems of our planet. Landfills, that until now have been the most popular solution, are polluting the land, water and air and are contributing to pollution and global warming. New methods are being tested in order to solve this problem, including: Incinerators, biological treatments, manual pre-sorting and others. Most of these solutions have proven to be either non-operational, non-applicable or very expensive.

ArrowBio is a unique technology that successfully treats MSW using its Hydro Mechanical process to recover recyclables and produce renewable energy. ArrowBio can handle residential and/or commercial MSW, accepting both unsorted and/or sorted waste streams, with its heterogeneity, variability, abrasiveness and wetness.

Arrow’s unique technology differs immensely from traditional Mechanical Biological Treatments (MBT), Anaerobic Digestions and other Methane production systems, by offering a unique Hydraulic Separation and Preparation with a Liquid Anaerobic Treatment.

In addition to separating 80-90% of recyclable materials (valorization), the "organic fraction" is separated, purified and prepared, in order to produce high volume and high quality Biogas (55%-75% Methane) plus clean and rich digestate/fertilizer/soil amendment.

Arrow's customers benefit from: sending low volume of residues to landfills, substantially increasing recycling percentages, minimizing pollution, reducing waste treatment costs, producing renewable electricity, fast deployment and simple permitting process, becoming environmental leaders, creating new green jobs.

Numerous technology reviews have been performed on ArrowBio technology by consulting companies and authorities, including: New York City, Los Angeles County, Juniper Consulting, Douglas Partners Consulting etc.

Our vision

To promote Arrow's patent protected development of the "Green Process" for recycling of worldwide municipal waste and to become a key player in the MSW industry.

Our strategy

To build, operate and own recycling MSW facilities under its proprietary patented technology. The Company is operating via JV and collaboration with strategic international partners in the field of waste and infrastructure together with the strength of Arrow's technology.

Main Advantages

  • Substantially increase diversion rates to 70%-80%
  • Extend landfill’s capacity and timeline
  • 70%-80% recovery of recyclable materials from "Cost to Profit"
  • Produce renewable energy from organics to lower the effect of Global Climate
  • Change caused by the Methane from Landfills. Carbon Credit Entitlement of 70%-
  • 90% per ton of MSW
  • Reduce waste treatment costs
  • Proven operational, cost effective, fast deployment solution
  • Environmentally friendly, easily achievable permit process, small footprint
  • Produce clean and stabilized fertilizer
  • Produce electricity and water
  • Employ local contractors during construction
  • Create new jobs during construction and operation
  • Minimize pollution caused by landfills and others
  • Modular construction enabling easy future expansion
  • Easy to incorporate other projects to generate additional income (e.g. greenhouses)
  • Most of the parts are readily available "off the shelf"
  • Considerable lower costs than other available new methods
  • No air, water or ground pollution
  • No need for pre-sorting
  • The residue is inert and lowest known of approx. 10% - 30%